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Likani Sanatorium. on sale

Geo Properties is presenting a Leisure – Rehabilitation complex project in Georgia’s World famous Resort Borjomi.

The project land which covers 288 301 and which borders a nature reserve, units amazing flora, unique climate, forest parks, mineral water wells and old sanatorium “LIKANI” ruins – PARADISE in one word. It is located at the center of World famous Borjomi resort, 800 – 900 meters from sea level. The land is in 5 km from main highway and the distance from Georgia’s main Tbilisi and Kutaisi cities is 160 and 134 kilometers respectively.

Designed infrastructure of investment project and its unique originality increases its value, not having similar competitor not just in Georgia, but also in Region.  On the master plan of the project you can see buildings and spaces, designed for apartment blocks, hotel, medical and rehabilitation center, restaurants, casino, family cottages, Olympic standard swimming pool and gym, age-related sanatorium, tennis courts and stadiums, golf ground, natural water well and public spaces.

The World Class resort infrastructure that can be developed for medical, cognitive, entertainment and leisure purposes, will provide the highest level of service for any type of customer. In case of interest – willing to buy or invest in Likani project – connect to Geo Properties.

Georgia, Likani, Likani, Georgia
$20,000,000 1m� $69.37
56,000,000 1m 194
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  • Electricity
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  • Water
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