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Ski Resort «New Gudauri»

The ski resort of New Gudauri is increasingly attracting not only skiers, but also forward-thinking investors who see an enormous potential and opportunity to purchase real estate at affordable prices in this charming Georgian village.

Located in a rapidly developing resort area that attracts a growing number of tourists each year, real estate offered by Geo Properties in Gudauri can become a source of stable income through rental. Affordable rates and  modern real estate management services, enable passive income of up to 18%.

Investing in New Gudauri represents a great opportunity to own real estate in one of the most dynamically developing countries of the Eastern Europe / Central Asia region, and receive guaranteed income!

Aside from constituting a profitable investment, this place can become an excellent regular holiday destination for you and your family. It is a location which combines stunning landscapes with comfortable accommodation and breathtaking views from your window.

Gudauri is located in Georgia, on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range at an altitude of 2175m above sea level. The village is situated on the Georgian Military Road, and is only 120 km away from the capital city of Tbilisi and its international airport.

The constant development and expansion of infrastructure in Gudauri has led to a substantial growth in tourism in this region. Ten years ago, there were only 13 small hotels in the resort. Today, Gudauri boast more than 50 hotels, private apartments, a growing number of food outlets, medical facilities and pharmacies, ski schools, restaurants and cafes, baths and spa centres, etc. Sporting and musical events are being held here on a frequent basis.

Since Gudauri started out as a ski resort, most tourists associate it with ski holidays. However, the development of the tourist infrastructure has broadened the function of the resort, and Gudauri is gradually turning into a year-round mountain tourism destination.

Operating apart-hotel Projects
«New Gudauri Residences and Spa» with a constant flow of tourists

  • Possibility of permanent residence
  • Live in comfort in your apartment
  • The minimum payback period of investment is from 5 to 7 years
  • Capitalization of property
  • After putting the complex into operation, the value of your property will increase by 20-25% (market research over the last 10 years)
  • Numbers of different layouts
  • The general development plan was created by the Canadian company «Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners»
  • Unique infrastructure
  • Outdoor and indoor swimming pool
  • Restaurant Lounge Bar, PUB, Billiard bar
  • Parks, Children’s Playground
  • Casino
  • Shoe Shops and Supermarket
  • Ski storage
  • Fitness centers
  • Zones for conferences and other events
  • Equipped sports grounds
  • Underground parking
  • Annual capitalization of property
  • You are a full owner and can use your property as a pledge instrument

Due to its sunny climate and safe slopes where avalanche hazard is minimal, Gudauri is regarded as an ideal location for numerous types of winter sports, such as snowboarding, paragliding, heliskiing and free riding. 10 ski lifts are serving modern ski tracks with a combined length of 70 km. The skiing season in Gudauri runs between December and April. However, there is a potential to extend the season until the end of June – plans to construct additional cableways and produce artificial snow are already underway.

The popularity of Gudauri as a ski resort does not prevent it from being in high demand during the summer. The development of tourist infrastructure now allows visitors to plan extended holidays in the beautiful highland region, with activities such as hiking, mountaineering, fishing, rafting, off-road tours, horse riding, as well as climbing trips to the famous Mount Kazbek during warm days in the summer and autumn.

The newly developed part of Gudauri – termed simply New Gudauri – has recently become the most popular residential area in the village. Since 2012 there have been carrying out large-scale construction of a residential and recreational zone in the immediate proximity of the new GoodAura-type gondola station. The focus of Geo Properties in Gudauri region is to offer residential and hotel-type complexes with an appropriate infrastructure, service and management of both commercial and private real estate.

As we already have mentioned the general development plan for New Gudauri was designed by the Canadian firm Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners, and includes construction of 26 multifunctional residential and hotel-type complexes, as well as 20 private chalets. The plan also includes various facilities for business, entertainment and sports.

The first five-star hotel under a global brand name will open in New Gudauri in 2020 in the shape of Radisson Blue Mountain Resort Gudauri.

One of the most attractive features of hotel-type residential complexes is that effective management allows owners to obtain annual passive profits of 18-20% from renting their apartments.

The profitability of aparthotels in popular tourist zones is undisputed. Even now, as New Gudauri is in the process of being developed and unable to use its full potential, the average price of renting a one-room apartment during the winter season is $120-140 per day. With the average occupancy rate during the 4 months between December and March being 60-70%, there is a profit of up to $5000 to be made in winter alone. There is also the prospect of increased summer occupancy from 2019. Thus, during the summer of 2017, the company registered a 25% occupancy rate at aparthotels in Gudauri, with an average price of $55-60 per day. Based on the existing statistics, occupancy rates during the period between May and August are expected to increase to 30-40% by 2019-2020. This will add a further $1500-$2000 to the income, which can amount to a total of $7000-$8000 for the year.

Management Group is responsible for provision of development and maintenance of the premises, as well as hotel management. The management objective is to ensure
the following:

  • Increased profitability of renting out the property.
  • Increased value of the property itself.
  • Optimization of utility costs.


Management Group is responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the facility. It operates for a fixed fee. This means that by purchasing an apartment in any of the complexes on offer, the owner is required to pay a fixed fee for utility services, the amount of which is calculated based on the apartment area. On average, the fee amounts to $700 per year for a studio apartment of up to 30 m². Management Group offers standard hotel management and rental of your apartment under the NEW GUDAURI RESORT RESIDENCES & SPA brand, which guarantees quality and stable income for the apartment owners. The services on offer include a central booking system, room cleaning and service, a nanny service, as well as numerous commercial services that exist at the resort. Guests staying in the apartments under the management team also enjoy discounts in various restaurants, cafes, bars, spas etc.

In addition to electricity charges, the list of utility services includes the maintenance of the premises, power and water supply, heating, hot water, internet, television, concierge, security guard, hallway maintenance and cleaning, preventive maintenance, security and general administration.The electricity bill will be calculated according to the readings on individual meters (the average figure is approximately $10 per month). The Group carries out marketing hospitality services, which includes efforts to attract tourists to Gudauri and offer them maximum comfort and best services.



Price: 1 m² – from $2000 Turn-key price (fit-out, furniture, accessories)
Minimum floor area of the apartment: 39.5 m².
Date of Completion: completed and in use.
Terms of Payment: 100% up-front payment only.


White frame price: from $ 1100 per m² (i.e. without decorative finish, furniture or household equipment).
Turn-key price: from $ 1500 per m² (fit-out, furniture, accessories based on design choice).
Minimum floor area of the apartment: 52 m².
Date of Completion: December 2018.
Terms of Payment: 100% up-front payment only


White frame price: from $ 1400 per m² (i.e. without decorative finish, furniture or household equipment).
Turn-Key Price: from $ 1900 per m² (fit-out, furniture, accessories based on design choice).
Minimum floor area of the apartment: 30 m².
Date of Completion: December 2019.
Terms of Payment: 100% up-front payment only


White frame Price: from $ 1200 per m² (without decorative finish, furniture or household equipment).
Turn-key price: from $ 1600 per m² (fit-out, furniture, accessories based on design choice) .
Minimum floor area of the apartment: 30 m².
Date of Completion: December 2019.
Terms of Payment: 100% up-front payment only


White frame price: from $ 800 per m² (i.e. without decorative finish, furniture or household equipment).
Turn-Key Price: from $ 1200 per m² (fit-out, furniture, accessories based on design choice).
Minimum floor area of the apartment: 30 m².
Date of Completion: December 2019.
Terms of Payment: 100% up-front payment only